Claire Crystal Pools Pvt.Ltd, A group of professionals, primarily into the construction of all kind of Swimming Pools to the execution of state of art designs. The team is backed up with the experts in the market who have been in this industry for more than a decade mastering each and every process, understanding the client requirements to the brim and seeing lot many happy faces with an absolute attitude of not compromising with the quality setting high standards.

Strategic Alliances
The leverage from relationships can be appealing to investors. Claire Crystal Pools Pvt.Ltd works in tandem with the leading vendors with the at most hardcore expertise in the field of construction of Swimming Pools. Claire Crystal Pools Pvt.Ltd is in the process to develop important and profitable strategic alliances as it grows. Claire Crystal Pools Pvt.Ltd with a strong principle to build an larger chain in the same segment or industry with a live and let live approach has been the ideology behind the whole effort, in simple terms create a market presence in the uplifting market scenario living up the high standards of market needs with clear cut transparency and perseverance to Customer Satisfaction.

Our Mission
Our Mission is to deliver substantially high level of Quality with Customer Satisfaction.

Our Vision
In a world where technology increasingly touches every aspect of our daily lives, we will be a leading solutions provider in the areas of Surveying your site, Working with budgets, Turnkey Solution on execution (Excavation, Steel Re-inforcement, Shotcreting, Curing, Plumbing, Filtration, Coping, Tiling, Electricals, Commissioning, and Training) aspiring to become the most admired company in our industry as seen by our stakeholders.

Our Values

  • Delight customers
  • Deliver on commitments
  • Develop people
  • Depend on each other

Our Strategy
We aspire to carry a reputation in the marketplace for developing and delivering time saving, better-way designs sold at a fair price for uses in the APAC market. We can achieve this by a strategic adoption and practice process as per product design and execution, close understanding of market trends and needs, innovative and profitable merchandising.

Claire Crystal Pools Pvt.Ltd creates a year round vacation atmosphere in the comfort of your own back yard. Your piece of paradise will enthrall your friends and become the favorite meeting place for your children and their friends. Our aim is to design and build distinctive environments utilizing only the finest quality equipment, workmanship, and materials. It is our desire for the families we serve to enjoy a safe backyard swimming experience, where fun is maximized and maintenance is minimized.